Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Guest Post - by the mainstream media

This just in: women get more diplomas and degrees than men do, yet earn less.

Clearly a job for the Samarasekera Response Team.


  1. The disheartening thing is the nature of the online responses to this article, which are all along the lines of "Women choose poorly-paid professions, so it's their fault."


  2. @Mari: the constituency of online comment-leavers at our national newspapers is its own sordid issue, isn't it? i like to think that given what it takes to leave a comment (sign up, manage spam, verify address, sign in, etc), only the unemployable weigh in.

  3. Thanks for creating this blog...
    Here at UofA, we're trying to redress the increase in women's enrollment. This year UofA's Festival of Ideas celebrates white men for the most part....two out of the ten events feature women speakers.


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