Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hook & Eye at Digital Diversity 2015!

It's Day 1 of the Digital Diversity: Writing / Feminism / Culture conference in Edmonton, AB! If you are in Edmonton this weekend (where people are saying hell has frozen over, since the left-of-centre NDP government gained power over the Progressive Conservatives the other day, and the city woke up to a blanket of snow), stop by the Lister Conference Center on Sat May 9 at 9-10:30 am for a special Hook & Eye-themed panel:

Not all named on the program were able to make it, unfortunately, but we hope to have some surprise visits via Skype. It should be a fab hour and a half discussing the origins of the blog, the challenges of blogging about higher education as a graduate student, and the power of feminist communities. Please come!

Hell frozen over, 5/6/2015

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