Thursday, November 5, 2015

Because It's 2015

Photo credit: cc//Rt. Hon. R.B. Bennett, Prime Minister of Canada, surrounded by members of the Cabinet (1931), Library and Archives Canada

Inuit girls throat singing, and giggling, at the swearing in.

A cabinet "family photo" with fifteen women in it. And people of all kinds of races and ethnicities. And people with disabilities. And gay people.

A First Nations woman as Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

The reinstatement of the Minister of Science position, and the assignment of that position to a woman. With a PhD.

A female Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

A Minister of the Status of Women who was, until her election last month, the head of Thunder Bay's largest homeless shelter.

The reinstatement of the long-form census, and of the ability to collect data that will allow us to accurately count vulnerable women and girls, conduct gender-based analysis of programs and policies, and evaluate the impact of programs and policies on the status of women.

A promise to immediately launch a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada.

A female Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs who has publicly committed to the principle of "nothing about us without us," and who has indicated that consultations with First Nations, Métis and Inuit people about the inquiry will begin immediately.

A Prime Minister who doesn't care that his commitment to gender parity in cabinet resulted in a 5000% increase in guys who suddenly care about merit in cabinet.

A Prime Minister who answers the question of why he was so committed to having a cabinet that was at least 50% women with a shrug and the answer "because it's 2015."

As Aimée says, we don't have binders full of women in Canada. We have cabinets full of women.

It's 2015. And for the first time since 2006, as a Canadian woman, I have hope for this country.

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